For the love of God, stop reading this blog!!!

Dear thin/overweight friends,

By the very act of reading what I write to you now, you are damning yourself to suffer the same fate I have faced myself, ‘lo these 27 years. You will be accursed. You will be shunned. Your role in western civilization will diminish.

Interacting with me will make you obese.

Yup. That’s right. I’m out to make you “one of us”.

So, run! Flee! Hide your children!! I’m the scary fat chick out to destroy all humanity… one… friend… at a… time.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhh… that’s it. /sarcasm

*headdesk* ’til I pass out.

Oh, and to the medical establishment…

Up yours.

For more erudite commentary, and less venting of my gras spleen, visit:

Big Fat Deal

Shapely Prose

P.S. Apparently Dick Cavett  has something to say about this. Grâce à Green Pagan, you can read it here (note: search for “Talk Show: Dick Cavett Speaks Again “)

One Response

  1. […] I wonder – if any of these people met me IRL (in real life), would they treat me the way they do in game? Would they give me the time of day? Would they be genuine friends, or would they hide their disgust while they greeted me (OMG, don’t touch me, I have “teh fat”). […]

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